Characters Speed Accel. Handing Weight
Mario 3 3 3 Medium
Luigi 3 4 3 Medium
Princess Peach 3 3 4 Medium
Toad 2 4 4 Light
Yoshi 2 3 4 Light
Donkey Kong 4 3 2 Heavy
Wario 4 2 1 Heavy
Bowser 4 1 2 Heavy
Waluigi 4 4 1 Heavy
Koopa Troopa 2 4 3 Light
Baby Mario 2 4 4 Light
Baby Peach 1 5 5 Light


Characters Speed Accel. Handing Weight Unlockable?
Baby Luigi 2 5 4 Light Mushroom Cup 50cc
Baby Daisy 1 4 5 Light Star Cup 50cc
Paratroopa 2 5 3 Light Shell Cup 50cc
Cheerful White 3 3 3 Medium Leaf Cup 50cc
Cool Black 2 3 3 Light Leaf Cup 50cc
Giant Gold 4 2 2 Heavy Leaf Cup 50cc
Bookworm Green 4 1 2 Heavy Lighting Cup 50cc
Kid Blue 3 3 3 Medium
Cute Pink 2 3 3 Light
Director 4 2 3 Light
Champion 2 3 4 Light
Dancing Queen 3 4 2 Light

Track SelectEdit

X First Second Thrid Fourth Specialness
Mushroom Cup Mario Circuit Mystic Cave Amy's Island Metal Sonic Raceway Chemical Plant
Flower Cup Aquatic Ruins Toad's Speedway Peach Beach Emerald Hill Green Hill
Star Cup Quartz Quadrant Huey's Track Mushroom Hill Dewey's Coaster Plamtree Panic
Special Cup Wacky Workbench Louie's Tropical Bowser Castle Rainbow Road Bowser-Rainbow-Castle-Road
Shell Cup Genocide City Zone Factoryworks Green Grove Cyber City Zone Metropoils
Banana Cup Rock Zone Wood Zone Jungletree Lost Stadium Lair Sky Chase
Leaf Cup Wario's Desert World Hidden Palace Zone Colorado Sandopoils Wing Fortress
Lighting Cup Hawaii Tropical Afternoon Snowopoils Death Egg Rainbow Egg
Bingo Cup Spring Yard Casino Night Carnival Night BINGO Highway Pinball Galaxy
Madness Cup Panic Room Toadette's Musicway Stardust Speedway Tidal Tempest Metallic Madness
Traffic Troubles Cup Midnight Traffic Indiapolis Yoshi Circuit GCN Baby Park Yoshi Hills
Motor Way Mania Cup Los Angelis Daisy Beach DS Tick-Tock Clock Egg Garden
Freewayphoia Cup New York Ice Toad's Coldland Birdo Speedway N64 Royal Raceway
Victory Vehicles Cup
Frantic Finale Cup

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