Mario Kart Carnival is a game that released in November 3rd, 2014. Characters: Mario and Luigi: Back and ready for more fun! If they win the trophy, they will be impressed. Peach and Daisy: The best friend princesses cannot stand the Mario fireball. Their Heart will make them dizzy! Yoshi and Birdo: With the eggs, Y and B can team up! Wario and Waluigi: The Garlic oiler can explode plus with them if they know. Donkey and Diddy: The barrel, known for squishing. It will freeze to death! Bowser and Koopa: They are not friends! But with the shell, the leader can be a comeback. Toad and Toadette: the lil' mushroom heads are back with the very speedy golden mushroom! Rosalina and Luma: The superstar can make Rosalina and Luma invisible!

Character Special Item
Mario 3 Red Fireballs
Luigi 8 Green Fireballs