Mario Kart Arcade GP 4 is a upcoming game for arcade machines and is set to release in Q4 2017.


There are 20 characters in the game, with 14 being Mario and 6 being Non-Mario. 10 are playable at the start while 10 are unlockable. Bold are unlockable, Italics are newcomers.


Character Special Kart Unlocking Criteria
Mario Lightning Champ N/A
Luigi Vacuum Star N/A
Pac-Man Sol Balloon N/A
Sonic the Hedgehog Speed Star N/A
Waluigi Purple Strike

Strong AccelerationEdit

Character Special Kart Unlocking Criteria
Princess Peach Rainy Dream N/A
Yoshi Egg Rider N/A
Princess Daisy Varmint
Blinky Road Jetter
Mega Man Rush

Easy ControlEdit

Character Special Kart Unlocking Criteria
Toad Mush Run N/A
Bowser Jr Dyno Buggy
Ms. Pac-Man Sweets Party
Don-chan Don Doko Drive
Link Master Cycle

High SpeedEdit

Character Special Kart Unlocking Criteria
Wario Bull Track N/A
Donkey Kong Country Winner N/A
Bowser Road Galleon N/A
Rosalina Galaxy Comet
Metal Mario Metal Spark


Cup Name Course 1 Course 2 Unlocking Criteria Special Challenge Difficulty
N/A Novice

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