layerLucy is a maid of Princess Peach, she works with Sara and Elisabeth, doing a group job.

First appearanceEdit

In Mario kart 10, she is an unlockable character, and she is the maid of Princess Peach. Her job is to protect the garden of the castle.


She is a serious, hard and brave girl, because in the game she protects

the garden with Chomp Cadenas.


She has a oval face, two grey beautiful eyes, and has red(Not too red, more peach) ,long, and straight hair with a bang covering her right eye, which makes her hair similar to Rosalina. She has some make-up on her eyes and cheeks.


She wear the same dress like Elisabeth, except darker. It only has one layer, similar to Princess Peach. Unlike the other princesses, she doesntt have a pendant on her dress.